Crazy Crawler LaserFoams

Tire Inserts for superior Driving-Performance

The tire inserts from Crazy Crawler have been developed for the challenges of RC cars, crawlers and scalers on a scale of 1:24, 1:10 and 1:6. There are long-lasting tire inserts, specific foams for the tire sizes 1.0", 1.55", 1.7", 1.9", 2.2" and 2.9" (inch). Four basic degrees of hardness (depending on the total weight, named basic, heavy duty, WP magic and Xtreme plus) ensure perfect driving characteristics in the model tire of the scaler or crawler.

More lateral support and optimal grip

No more flat tires, twisting of the tire or tipping over the rim. The LaserFoams by Crazy Crawler offer significantly more stability when driving in inclined positions. Thanks to the specially developed number and length of spikes LaserFoams support crawler or scaler tires, thereby improving driving characteristics and ensuring perfect grip for small "off-road vehicles" on forest floors, roots, rocks or other off-road terrain.

RECON G6 certified

All Crazy Crawler LaserFoams have been RECON G6 certified since 2017. Crazy Crawler tire inserts stand for quality, success and having fun in crawler hobby. This is proven by the numerous podium places achieved in competitions or the many small success stories of passing previously inaccessible routes, inclines or obstacles. With Crazy Crawler LaserFoams you always have a awesome grip and always a smile on your face. #gripmatters


Customize your tire inserts

The modular tire insert concept is aimed specifically at competitive drivers and performance professionals. FT stands for „Fitting Tire“ and indicates that the crawler tire can now be custom filled with individual foam slices.

The tire doesn‘t need to be equipped with a single foam, but with various selectable LaserFoams. The basis is the hard red Spur-Master, which ensures maximum lateral stability. In addition, the well-known „Heavy Duty“ or „Basic“ LaserFoams are added to the tire, depending on the desired grip to form a sandwich of the Spur-Master

Stiff tire inserts for your SCX6

stiff tire insert for SCX6 2.9 R168x60 Xtreme plus