How to find the fitting tire insert

The following information is required to find the correct tire insert for your scaler / crawler tire:

  • the exact vehicle weight in ready-to-drive condition
  • the exact description of the tire (name and item number)

In the configurator you will find all common tires and the corresponding LaserFoam recommendation.

Which tire insert is needed at which car weight


How to find the correct size of my LaserFoams

Ø Tire - approx. 0.2“ = Ø LaserFoam
Big tires (Ø ≥ 4.9“): - approx. 0.4“

Ø Tire 4.19“ - approx. 0.2“ = 3.99“ LaserFoam


LaserFoams are available in the following densities:

  • Basic for vehicles up to approx. 7.7 lbs (3.5 kg) total weight
  • Heavy duty for vehicles with a total weight of approx. 7.7 lb (3.5 kg) or more
  • WP magic for vehicles from approx. 11.0 lbs (5.0 kg) total weight, waterproof
  • Xtreme plus for vehicles from approx. 14.3 lbs (6.5 kg) total weight

The HD Strong is a special version and specially designed for the RC4WD Mickey Thompson Narrow 2.2 "Baja MTZ Scale tire.

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