LaserFoams FT Pro

The modular tire insert concept is aimed specifically at competitive drivers and performance professionals.

FT stands for „Fitting Tire“ and indicates that the crawler tire can now be custom filled with individual foam slices.

The tire doesn‘t need to be equipped with a single foam, but with various selectable LaserFoams. The basis is the hard red Spur-Master, which ensures maximum lateral stability. In addition, the well-known „Heavy Duty“ or „Basic“ LaserFoams are added to the tire, depending on the desired grip to form a sandwich of the Spur-Master.

Choose your perfect tire, create your optimal foam setup, drive the perfect line.

The new FT Pro are currently available for tire size 1.9 x 4.19" Class 1 (106 mm) and 1.9 x 4.75" (120 mm). In addition to the Spur Master with 10 mm width, the Heavy Duty and Basic are available in widths from 10 mm to 30 mm, depending on size and design. In this way, the different tire widths are perfectly fitted, ensuring a safe and secure position of the material inside the tire.

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The FT Pro therefore offers many different variations to customize your tire inserts.

This is especially true for low-weight competition crawlers in C2 or C3 classes that have the highest demands on the tires and, above all, on the tire insert. Crawler tire inserts have to master extreme lean angles, where stiffness and stability are required, but also at the same time !!! enable maximum grip of the tire, i.e. allow it to snuggle up softly in order to survive on rocks, roots or loose ground.

The innovative modular concept of the FT Pro by Crazy Crawler was developed precisely for this purpose and now opens up endless possibilities.

The development and numerous hours of testing took place in Germany, Austria and Sardinia. It turned out that a good basic setup consists of placing the red Spur-Master in the middle and adding the Heavy Duty or Basic both inside and outside.


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